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Paper session 1: Networked music performance 1
David Kim-Boyle
Network Musics - Play, Engagement and the Democratization of Performance
Alvaro Barbosa
Ten-Hand Piano: A Networked Music Installation
Mike Wozniewski, Nicolas Bouillot, Zack Settel, Jeremy R. Cooperstock
Large-Scale Mobile Audio Environments for Collaborative Musical Interaction

Paper session 2: Networked music performance 2
Angelo Fraietta
Open Sound Control: Constraints and Limitation
Matteo Bozzolan, Giovanni Cospito
SMuSIM: a Prototype of Multichannel Spatialization System with Multimodal Interaction Interface

Paper session 3: Analysis of performers gesture and gestural control of musical instruments
Chris Nash, Alan Blackwell
Realtime Representation and Gestural Control of Musical Polytempi
Mikael Laurson, Mika Kuuskankare
Towards Idiomatic and Flexible Score-based Gestural Control with a Scripting Language
Alexandre Bouënard, Sylvie Gibet, Marcelo M. Wanderley
Enhancing the visualization of percussion gestures by virtual character animation
Diana Young
Classification of Common Violin Bowing Techniques Using Gesture Data from a Playable Measurement System

Paper session 4: Instruments 1
Jyri Pakarinen, Vesa Välimäki, Tapio Puputti
Slide guitar synthesizer with gestural control
Otso Lähdeoja
An approach to instrument augmentation: the electric guitar
Juhani Räisänen
Sormina - a new virtual and tangible instrument
Edgar Berdahl, Hans-Christoph Steiner, Collin Oldham
Practical Hardware and Algorithms for Creating Haptic Musical Instruments
Amit Zoran, Pattie Maes
Considering Virtual & Physical Aspects in Acoustic Guitar Design

Paper session 5: Instruments 2
Dylan Menzies
Virtual Intimacy : Phya as an Instrument
Jennifer Butler
Creating Pedagogical Etudes for Interactive Instruments

Paper session 6: Evaluation and HCI methodologies
Dan Stowell, Mark D. Plumbley, Nick Bryan-Kinns
Discourse analysis evaluation method for expressive musical interfaces
Chris Kiefer, Nick Collins, Geraldine Fitzpatrick
HCI Methodology For Evaluating Musical Controllers: A Case Study
Olivier Bau, Atau Tanaka, Wendy Mackay
The A20 : Musical Metaphors for Interface Design

Paper session 7: Sensing systems and measurement technologies
Tobias Grosshauser
Low Force Pressure Measurement: Pressure Sensor Matrices for Gesture Analysis,
Stiffness Recognition and Augmented Instruments
Giuseppe Torre, Javier Torres, Mikael Fernstrom
The development of motion tracking algorithms for low cost inertial measurement units - POINTING-AT -
Adrian Freed
Application of new Fiber and Malleable Materials
for Agile Development of Augmented Instruments and Controllers
Alain Crevoisier, Greg Kellum
Transforming Ordinary Surfaces Into Multi- touch Controllers
Nicholas Ward, Kedzie Penfield, Ben Knapp, Sile O´Modhrain
A Study of Two Thereminists: Towards Movement Informed Instrument Design

Paper session 8: Active listening to sound and music content
Vassilios-Fivos Maniatakos, Christian Jacquemin
Towards an affective gesture interface for expressive music performance
Anna Källblad, Anders Friberg, Karl Svensson, Elisabet Sjöstedt Edelholm
Hoppsa Universum - An interactive dance installation for children
Antonio Camurri, Corrado Canepa, Paolo Coletta, Barbara Mazzarino, Gualtiero Volpe
Mappe per Affetti Erranti: a Multimodal System for Social Active Listening and Expressive Performance

Paper session 9: Agent-based systems
Sergio Canazza, Antonina Dattolo
A new, open data structure for old musical open works
Arne Eigenfeldt, Ajay Kapur
An Agent-based Architecture for Robotic Musical Performance

Paper session 10: Sonification
Maurizio Goina, Pietro Polotti
Elementary Gestalts for Gesture Sonification
Stefano Delle Monache, Pietro Polotti, Stefano Papetti
Sonic Augmented Found Objects
Jean-Marc Pelletier
Sonified Motion Flow Fields as a Means of Musical Expression
Josh Dubrau, Mark Havryliv
P[a]ra[pra]xis: Poetry in Motion
Jan Schacher
davos soundscape, a location based interactive composition

Poster session 1
Andy Schmeder, Adrian Freed
uOSC: The Open Sound Control Reference Platform for Embedded Devices
Timothy Place, Trond Lossius, Alexander Refsum Jensenius
Addressing Classes by Differentiating Values and Properties in OSC
Ananya Misra, Georg Essl, Michael Rohs
Microphone as Sensor in Mobile Phone Performance
Nicolas Bouillot, Mike Wozniewski, Zack Settle, Jeremy R. Cooperstock
A Mobile Wireless Augmented Guitar
Robert Jacobs, Mark Feldmeier, Joseph A. Paradiso
A Mobile Music Environment Using a PD Compiler and Wireless Sensors
Ross Bencina, Danielle Wilde, Somaya Langley
Gesture - Sound Experiments: Process and Mappings
Miha Ciglar
"3rd. Pole" - a Composition Performed via Gestural Cues
Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen, Marcos Alonso
More DJ techniques on the reactable
Smilen Dimitrov, Marcos Alonso, Stefania Serafin
Developing block-movement, physical-model based objects for the Reactable
Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut, Samer Abdallah, Andrew Robertson, Nick Bryan Kinns, Mark Plumbley
Real Time Gesture Learning and Recognition: Towards Automatic Categorization
Mari Kimura
Making of VITESSIMO for Augmented Violin: Compositional Process and Performance
Joern Loviscach
Programming a Music Synthesizer through Data Mining
Kia Ng, Paolo Nesi
i-Maestro: Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching for Music

Poster session 2
Niall Coghlan, R. Benjamin Knapp
Sensory Chairs: a System for Biosignal Research and Performance
Andrew B. Godbehere, Nathan J. Ward
Wearable Interfaces for Cyberphysical Musical Expression
Kouki Hayafuchi, Kenji Suzuki
MusicGlove: A Wearable Musical Controller for Massive Media Library
Michael Zbyszynski
An Elementary Method for Tablet
Gerard Roma, Anna Xambó
A tabletop waveform editor for live performance
Greg Corness
Performer model: Towards a Framework for Interactive Performance Based on Perceived Intention
Paulo Cesar Teles, Aidan Boyle
Developing an "Antigenous" Art Installation Based on A Touchless Endo-system Interface
Silvia Lanzalone
The 'suspended clarinet' with the 'uncaused sound'. Description of a renewed musical instrument
Mitsuyo Hashida, Yosuke Ito, Haruhiro Katayose
A Directable Performance Rendering System: Itopul
Anders Vinjar
Bending Common Music with Physical Models
Parag Chordia, Alex Rae
real-time Raag Recognition for Interactive Music
Gabriel Gatzsche, Markus Mehnert, Christian Stöcklmeier
Interaction with tonal pitch spaces
Margaret Schedel, Alison Rootberg, Elizabeth de Martell
Scoring an Interactive, Multimedia Performance Work
William R. Hazlewood, Ian Knopke
Designing Ambient Musical Information Systems

Poster session 3
Aristotelis Hadjakos, Erwin Aitenbichler, Max Mühlhäuser
The Elbow Piano: Sonification of Piano Playing Movements
Yoshinari Takegawa, Tsutomu Terada, Masahiko Tsukamoto
UnitKeyboard: an Easy Configurable Compact Clavier
Cléo Palacio-Quintin
Eight Years of Practice on the Hyper-Flute: Technological and Musical Perspectives
Edgar Berdahl, Julius O. Smith III
A Tangible Virtual Vibrating String
Christian Geiger, Holger Reckter, David Paschke, Florian Schutz, Cornelius Pöpel
Towards Participatory Design and Evaluation of Theremin-based Musical Interfaces
Tomás Henriques
META-EVI: Innovative Performance Paths with a Wind Controller
Bart Kuyken, Wouter Verstichel, Frederick Bossuyt, Jan Vanfleteren, Michiel Demey, Marc Leman
The HOP sensor: Wireless Motion Sensor
Ioannis Zannos, Jean-Pierre Hébert
Multi-Platform Development of Audiovisual and Kinetic Installations
Robin Price, Pedro Rebelo
Database and mapping design for audiovisual prepared radio set installation
Kazuhiro Jo, Norihisa Nagano
Monalisa: "see the sound, hear the image"
Andrew Robertson, Mark D. Plumbley, Nick Bryan-Kinns
A Turing Test for B-Keeper: Evaluating an Interactive Real-Time Beat-Tracker
Andrea Valle
Integrated Algorithmic Composition. Fluid systems for including notation in music composition cycle
Andrea Valle
GeoGraphy: a real-time, graph-based composition environment

These are the contributions originally accepted as demos. The demo program also included nine further demos associated to papers and posters.
Ayaka Endo, Yasuo Kuhara
Rhythmic Instruments Ensemble Simulator Generating Animation Movies Using Bluetooth Game Controller
Keith A. McMillen
Stage-Worthy Sensor Bows for Stringed Instruments
Lesley Flanigan, Andrew Doro
Plink Jet
Yusuke Kamiyama, Mai Tanaka, Hiroya Tanaka
Oto-Shigure: An Umbrella-Shaped Sound Generator for Musical Expression
Sean Follmer, Chris Warren, Adnan Marquez-Borbon
The Pond: Interactive Multimedia Installation
Ethan Hartman, Jeff Cooper, Kyle Spratt
Swing Set: Musical Controllers with Inherent Physical Dynamics
Paul Modler, Tony Myatt
Video Based Recognition of Hand Gestures by Neural Networks for The Control of Sound and Music
Kenji Suzuki, Miho Kyoya, Takahiro Kamatani, Toshiaki Uchiyama
beacon: Embodied Sound Media Environment for Socio-Musical Interaction
Eva Sjuve
Prototype GO: Wireless Controller for Pure Data
Robert Macrae, Simon Dixon
From toy to tutor: Note-Scroller is a game to teach music
Stuart Favilla, Joanne Cannon, Tony Hicks, Dale Chant, Paris Favilla
Gluisax: Bent Leather Band's Augmented Saxophone Project
Staas De Jong
The Cyclotactor: Towards a Tactile Platform for Musical Interaction
Michiel Demey, Marc Leman, Frederick Bossuyt, Jan Vanfleteren
The Musical Synchrotron: using wireless motion sensors
to study how social interaction affects synchronization with musical tempo

Opening concert
Presentation of the opening concert
Roberto Girolin
Lo specchio confuso dall'ombra
Nicola Ferrari
The Bow is bent and drawn
Giorgio Klauer
Tre aspetti del tempo per iperviolino e computer
Alessandro Sartini
Aurora Polare

NIME Concert 1
Thomas Ciufo
Silent Movies: an improvisational sound/image performance
Pascal Baltazar
Stuart Favilla, Joanne Cannon, Tony Hicks
Heretic's Brew
Mark Alexander Bokowiec, Julie Wilson-Bokowiec
The Suicided Voice

NIME Concert 2
Martin Messier, Jacques Poulin-Denis
The Pencil Project
Mark Alexander Bokowiec, Julie Wilson-Bokowiec
Keith Hamel, François Houle, Aleksandra Dulic
Intersecting Lines

NIME Concert 3
Alison Rootberg, Margaret Schedel
The Color of Waiting
Chikashi Miyama
Keo Improvisation for sensor instrument Qgo
Ge Wang, Georg Essl, Henri Penttinen
MoPhO - A Suite for Mobile Phone Orchestra

Club performances
Renaud Chabrier, Antonio Caporilli
Drawing / Dance
Silvia Lanzalone
Il suono incausato, improvise-action for suspended clarinet, clarinettist and electronics (2005)
Nicolas d'Alessandro
Cent Voies
Clèo Palacio-Quintin, Sylvain Pohu
Improvisation for hyper-flute, electric guitar and real-time processing
Nicolas d'Alessandro, Sylvain Pohu
Improvisation for Guitar/Laptop and HandSketch
Ajay Kapur
Anjuna's Digital Raga
Jane Rigler
Traces/Huellas (for flute and electronics)
Luka Dekleva, Miha Ciglar, Luka Princic
FeedForward Cinema
Greg Corcoran, Hannah Drayson, Miguel Ortiz Perez, Koray Tahiroglu
The Control Group
Jonathan Pak

Olly Farshi
Jeff Talman
Mirror of the moon
Joo Youn Paek
Fold Loud
Kenneth Newby, Aleksandra Dulic, Martin Gotfrit
in a thousand drops... refracted glances
Jared Lamenzo, Mohit Santram, Kuan Huan, Maia Marinelli
Pasquale Napolitano, Stefano Perna, Pier Giuseppe Mariconda
Art Clay, Dennis Majoe
China Gates

Kia Ng
4th i-Maestro Workshop on Technology- Enhanced Music Education
Michael Zbyszynski
Tablet Workshop for Performers and Teachers
R. Benjamin Knapp, Marcelo Wanderley, Gualtiero Volpe
Workshop on Techniques for Gesture Measurement in Musical Performance
Alexander Refsum Jensenius, Timothy Place, Trond Lossius, Pascal Baltazar, Dave Watsone
Jamoma workshop